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How Premium Lending LLC Works

At Premium Lending LLC, we want to make the lending process as easy as possible. Instead of giving you the go around, or making up “estimated” times to close escrow, we have 3 easy steps that you can rely on to close your deal!

  1. Bring us your purchase contract.
  2. Complete our (NEW!) short approval application.
  3. Approval response within hours.

On two years or less, we do not pull credit or tax returns. This allows us to close QUICKER than the competition.

Why Us?

Due to our Spanish and English speaking team we are able to provide you service in your own language. As a private lender we are able to close much faster than your traditional banks…even as fast as 24 hours from when the title company is ready, allowing you to beat other investors to the deal.

How we are able to do this....

Our bilingual team has over 40 years of providing great customer service closing thousands of real estate transactions. Not only do we have investors, we also have in-house money which allows us to give you immediate answers.

Recently Funded Properties

Funded for $125,000

Funded for $128,350

Funded for $135,000

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